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Zanu PF/MDC show is not a choice

By Denford Magora PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe would have us believe that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is dead and buried. Only last month, at the Zanu PF national […]

A Zim perspective on the TRC

By Brian Raftopoulos LISTENING to debates on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) at the tenth anniversary conference organised by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation last week, and reading […]

Reforms first before any debt relief for Zim

By Tinashe Chimedza ZIMBABWE and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s love and hate relationship comes under focus as the government hosts an IMF team in the hope of avoiding being […]

Polls-equal-democracy mantra wrong

By Blessing-Miles Tendi THE early 1990s were a period of profound enthusiasm for multiparty democracy in most of Africa. The centralist or communist one-party system was steadily challenged by the […]

Bill is worst attack on democracy

Ray Matikinye ZIMBABWE’S governing elite has the unerring instinct for doing wrong things for the wrong reasons. It has an odd inclination for spitting the dummy whenever situations appear to […]

Zanu PF is the fairy-tale monster

By Bill Saidi EVERY culture in the world, since time immemorial, has had folktales. Invariably, they are morality tales, featuring a villain and a victim — tsuro nagudo (The hare and […]

Class, not race, war grips Zimbabwe

By Tafi Murinzi BLAMED, along with the opposition party, for a lot that has gone wrong in Zimbabwe, many among the white minority have packed their bags and left.

Echoes of Mao in Mugabe’s blitz

Dumisani Muleya WHAT started as a civic clean-up campaign in Zimbabwe by President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly repressive government has degenerated into a man-made disaster, spawning a humanitarian crisis. (more…)

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