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How Mugabe crushes Zim’s free press

By Wilf Mbanga FROM the moment I boarded a plane to Britain in early 1998 to seek investors for an independent daily in Zimbabwe, I knew that we had embarked […]

Boiling point under Zanu PF’s UDI

By Delight Magora WHAT is the difference between Robert Gabriel Mugabe and Ian Douglas Smith? To me both decided to pronounce a unilateral declaration of independence. One did it officia […]

Private media product of events

By Obediah Mazombwe IN an article in the Sunday Mail of May 9, George Charamba, the secretary in the Department of Information and Publicity in the Office of the President, […]

Donors/govt on collision course

A CLASH looks increasingly likely between donors and government as politicians continue to flout guidelines for food distribution to benefit ruling-party (more…)

Why doctors demand ‘black market’ salaries

By Hughes Makoni ONCE again junior and middle level doctors in Zimbabwe are on strike, demanding a “ludicrous monthly salary of $30 million a month”. The authorities have called this […]

Defiant Charamba’s begging bowl

By Chido Makunike MY article about the expulsion of journalist Andrew Meldrum in the Financial Gazette a couple of weeks ago certainly rubbed secretary for information and publicity Geor (more…)

Judiciary must not be too timid

By Alex Tawanda Magaisa IN terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe there are three arms of state, namely the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. While most members of the […]

SA’s complicity in MDC, Zanu PF crises

By Pedzisai Ruhanya HAVING observed the pre- and post-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) squabbles and the succession crisis rocking Zanu PF leading to the Tsholothso (more…)

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