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Left’s silence on Zim baffling

By Devan Pillay Surprisingly, the broad Left has been largely silent amid the noise about spies, divisions within the ANC and the alleged misuses of public office. Few have resorted […]

A madman wielding a hammer

By Paul Taylor THOUGH Robert Mugabe is not, to his credit, as clever as he sometimes sounds, neither is he as clever as he fondly imagines.

Help Johnny save our wildlife

By Cathy Buckle “AN elephant never forgets” is a very well- known saying and I shouldn’t think there are many people who have had the opportunity to put the saying […]

Zimbabwe needs a new type of president

 By Chido Makunike THOSE who argue that the solution to Zimbabwe’s many and escalating problems is not simply to get rid of Robert Mugabe as president are stating a truism, […]

Already battered economy suffers another blow

Shakeman Mugari POLICE last week intensified their crackdown on the business sector, arresting private-sector executives for allegedly increasing prices of basic commodities without approval. T (more…)

Challenging Zanu PF’s structures of power

By Alex T Magaisa FUNDAMENTAL questions that occupy the minds of most people in Zimbabwe and beyond who have been frustrated by the economic decline and increasing pover (more…)

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