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Patience pays for Bekezela

Hard times and difficult situations did not deter Bulawayo artiste Bothwell Nkomo, popularly known as Bekezela (pictured right), from pursuing his music career until the day he landed himself a […]

Demystifying the mystery surrounding DNA testing

So much talk has circled around DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing, but with little understanding of what exactly happens. I have been pestered with numerous questions pertaining to DNA testing during […]

Cambridge English checkmate

We are almost coming to the middle of the first term for our learners who will be writing their Cambridge O’ Level English examination in 2020. The Cambridge O’ Level […]

God’s Word: The seed of His blessing

Most believers are struggling with so many challenges and failing to live a victorious life. We are living defeated lives and yet we are supposed to be more than conquerors […]

Interpreting God’s will

AS Israel blessed his children, he put the leadership mantle (responsibility) on Judah and his descendants. Judah was to govern the children of Israel, but yet the first king of […]

All set for 21st February commemorations

My Dear People, Thanks to the Lacoste factional government’s paranoia and fear of Gushungo’s legacy, they are almost succeeding in wiping away his insurmountable contribution to the country.

News cars due in 2020

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing an economic meltdown, but one thing you can count on is that new vehicles will be launched in 2020 My list is not exhaustive, but I […]

Tetanus, terrible without cure

A lot of people seem to underestimate tetanus yet it is a serious disease that causes between 213 000-293 000 deaths worldwide each year and is responsible for 5-7% of […]

Leonard Dembo must never be forgotten

Jamaica is the country where dancehall was born. It has since spread its wings to reach countries like Zimbabwe where the Zim-Ghetto youths have labelled it Zimdancehall. In Zimbabwe this […]

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