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How not to do it

By Magari Mandebvu AT our local post office one Saturday morning you would not have believed that we were in the country with the highest average IQ in the world […]


Prices continue to rise despite inflation dip

Godfrey Marawanyika ALTHOUGH inflation has shown signs of declining in the past four months disposable incomes for consumers are no better as prices of goods continue to skyrocket. Inflation, the […]


It’s time Africa shook off mediocrity tag

By Brighton Mupangavanhu I WOULD like to thank Darlington Majonga for his article “Africa must not revel in underachievement”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 23) in which he touched on the chronic […]


Chaos could rob Zim of tourism earnings

By Tafirenyika L Wekwa Makunike WHEN the people of Zimbabwe finally decide that the economy is far more important than childish posturing and insults, including composing supposedly motivating national jingl […]


Where does Europe end?

By Gwynne Dyer AS of May 1, the European Union’s easternmost land border will be with Russia, and its sea frontier will be halfway between Cyprus and Lebanon.


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