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Uncertainty hangs over 2006/7 cropping season

News Analysis by Augustine Mukaro AN acute shortage of essential inputs, lack of funding and continued uncertainty in the agriculture sector could undermine output in the coming 2006/7 cropping season. […]

Truth, freedom and growth

By Wellington Chadehumbe FOLLOWING is the keynote address delivered by Wellington Chadehumbe at the Zimbabwe Independent/FBC Banks and Banking Survey reception (more…)

How Mujuru anointed self kingmaker

By Frank Matandirotya IN his book, The Story of My Life, the late Vice-President Dr Joshua Nkomo, describes a meeting of nationalists representing different polit (more…)

Zim’s Mugabe watches his people starve

By Aryeh Neier SLOWLY – much too slowly – international opinion is being mobilised to bring pressure on the Sudanese government to halt the militia attacks in Darfur that have […]

Tracking changes in Zim politics

By Brian Raftopoulos BETWEEN the period 1997-2000 and the present there has been a seismic shift in Zimbabwean politics. The earlie (more…)

Brave but gentle

By Maureen Johnson WITH the death of Michael Hartnack, Zimbabwe has lost a fine and brave journalist, an indefatigable reporter and an insightful columnist who did his job, despite the […]

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