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Moyo pushes for revival of old doctrines

Dumisani Muleya INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo has lately been attempting to present himself as the ruling party’s newfound ideologue as he regurgitates the shibboleths of the 1980s (more…)

Of cockroaches and the opposition

By Tony Namate I RECENTLY caught a cockroach red-handed in my kitchen. While this might sound a trivial non-event to many, I found it extr (more…)

Talks: Zim can learn from SA

Dumisani Muleya< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> AS the ruling Zanu PF and opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MD (more…)

Ask for bread,get broken limbs

By Jan Raath THE beating stopped as the sun began to go down. After two-and-a-half hours, the 14 men and one woman held at Matapi police station in Mbare had […]

President’s score no more than zero

Chido Makunike PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe finds he has managed to cling on to the position which he “won” last year amidst widespread local and international disbelief, but he is very […]

The enigma of John F Kennedy

By Gwynne Dyer FORMER president Lyndon B Johnson is only a black-and-white sound-bite in History Channel documentaries for the most of today’s audience, but John F Kennedy, who preceded him […]

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