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Banks mustn’t be run like tuckshops

By Tanonoka Joseph Whande EMPOWERMENT and indigenisation are two words that are always on the lips of our government officials. The words go well with Zanu PF’s current malfunctioning propaganda […]

Zimbabwe political actors mere pawns

By Alex Magaisa  RECENT events in the Middle East have been horrendous. With global attention currently focused on the Middle East one would hope that the major political actors in […]

NGO Bill – the trap is set

By Wellington Mbofana A STORY is told of a man who set up a mousetrap (riva/isifu) to catch a troublesome rat that was ransacking his granary at will. When the […]

Links with civil society necessary

By Pedzisai Ruhanya OPPOSITION MP Trudy Stevenson’s views on what she calls political incest among civil society organisations fail to appreciate the role of civil society organisations, opposition political parties […]

CHRA has been at forefront of the fight

By Mike Davies YOUR correspondent R Gunner asks for comment from the Combined Harare Residents Association regarding the latest antics by the municipality operating under the illegal Makwavarara Commission, “Let’s […]

Sad Zimbabwe not short of clowns

By Chido Makunike IT is unfortunate that a lot of our public figures are often dull, humourless characters who take themselves terribly seriously. They often seem to think the sun […]

Tsvangirai’s acquittal opens new dangers

By Brian Raftopoulos THE news of opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s acquittal on the charge of treason two weeks ago has been hailed as a step […]

How political elite underdevelops Africa

By Moeletsi Mbeki WHY are most Africans in sub-Saharan Africa poor and why are they getting poorer while most people in the rest of the world are becoming better off? […]

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