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Wheels of justice are not intact

By Otto Saki THE recent acquittal of opposition Movement for Democratic Change president Morgan Tsvangirai of high treason charges has led certain quarters within the country and more significantly some […]

Zim needs law to curb cheap goods influx

By Mavis Marongwe ON July 12 2002, faced with a sudden flood of cheap goods from Zimbabwe which were threatening its local industries, Zambia imposed a ban on the import […]

Moyo undermining authority of courts

By Tawanda Hondora SINCE the government illegally shut down the operations of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, three judges have ruled that the ANZ be allowed to resume the publication of […]

Faith alone shouldn’t do it for MDC

By Denford Magora A FEW months ago, as the Kenyans celebrated the Rainbow Coalition’s election victory and the defeat of former president Daniel arap Moi’s handpicked successor, I wrote in […]

Sit-tightism’ anachronistic

The Daily Champion (Nigeria). ZIMBABWE’S withdrawal from the Commonwealth on December 7 followed the refusal of the organisation to end that country’s suspension from the body. In March 2002, the […]

Cabinet reshuffle to reward cronies

Chido Makunike THERE have been rumours of a pending regime reshuffle by President Mugabe for some months now. No such reshuffle has taken place, with the only personnel changes being […]

Mugabe cronies 100, landless 0

By Chido Makunike THERE is an amazing level of cynicism in the way public affairs are conducted in Zimbabwe today. When there is so much talk about elections, suggesting public […]

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