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In duplum rule and inflation

By Peter Kawonde PUT simply, the in duplum rule states that interest, however regarded, stops to run once what has accumulated equals the amount of capital borrowed or outstanding. Thus, […]

Heroism has lost meaning comrades

By Chido Makunike IF the general consensus of Zimbabweans had been that things were going fairly well in the affairs of their country, the heroes’ holiday and commemorations that have […]

New law seeks to strangle Zim’s NGOs

By Hassen Lorgat PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will soon put before Parliament a Bill that will divert NGOs’ attention and energies from educating voters for the March 2005 election towards navel-gazing […]

ANC attack on MDC smacks of hypocrisy

By Fidas Muchemwa IT is a fact that the forces of colonialism and apartheid, which we bitterly fought against and defeated, are regrouping elsewhere hoping to pounce again on Africa. […]

The IMF must wake up to reality

By Walter Hurley NOW that the IMF is back in town for consultations with Zimbabwean authorities one would hope that they will at last adhere to their charter and come […]

99-year lease gravely deficient

By Chris Mhike THE much-flaunted 99-year Lease Agreement is a high-sounding nothing. In numerous respects, it gives with one hand and takes away with the other. In that (more…)

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