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Gono can’t make it as president

By Phillip Pasirayi IT was not surprising to hear that Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono might have entered the murky political waters of Zanu PF and is eyeing […]

Corruption blitz netting only small fish

By Nelson Chamisa THE arrest of GMB chief executive Retired Colonel Samuel Muvuti confirms to Zimbabweans that Zanu PF is the breeding ground of corruption and unbridle (more…)

Uncertainty hangs over 2006/7 cropping season

News Analysis by Augustine Mukaro AN acute shortage of essential inputs, lack of funding and continued uncertainty in the agriculture sector could undermine output in the coming 2006/7 cropping season. […]

Truth, freedom and growth

By Wellington Chadehumbe FOLLOWING is the keynote address delivered by Wellington Chadehumbe at the Zimbabwe Independent/FBC Banks and Banking Survey reception (more…)

How Mujuru anointed self kingmaker

By Frank Matandirotya IN his book, The Story of My Life, the late Vice-President Dr Joshua Nkomo, describes a meeting of nationalists representing different polit (more…)

Zim’s Mugabe watches his people starve

By Aryeh Neier SLOWLY – much too slowly – international opinion is being mobilised to bring pressure on the Sudanese government to halt the militia attacks in Darfur that have […]

Tracking changes in Zim politics

By Brian Raftopoulos BETWEEN the period 1997-2000 and the present there has been a seismic shift in Zimbabwean politics. The earlie (more…)

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