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Obituary – A razor-sharp mind

By Percy Makombe DR Eddison Zvobgo, who died on Sunday at the age of 68, was one of the most respected members of parliament across the political divide. His skills […]

Moyo pushes for revival of old doctrines

Dumisani Muleya INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo has lately been attempting to present himself as the ruling party’s newfound ideologue as he regurgitates th (more…)

The merits of a planned land reform

By Charles Frizell IT is now generally accepted that the so-called land reform exercise was no more than a political gambit and had no link whatsoever to genuine agrarian reform. […]

The wars that threaten cricket in Zimbabwe

By Peter Lovemore HISTORY will record that in the southern African autumn of 2004 a group of spring chickens were propelled by their commanders to the very front lines of […]

Mugabe lunges at scapegoats to divert attention

News Analysis with Clemence Manyukwe PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Heroes and Defence Forces commemoration addresses on Monday and Tuesday were an attempt to divert public attention from problems he created, critics […]

Gono can’t make it as president

By Phillip Pasirayi IT was not surprising to hear that Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono might have entered the murky political waters of Zanu PF and is eyeing […]

Corruption blitz netting only small fish

By Nelson Chamisa THE arrest of GMB chief executive Retired Colonel Samuel Muvuti confirms to Zimbabweans that Zanu PF is the breeding ground of corruption and unbridle (more…)

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