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Radical changes in wrong direction

Ray Matikinye FEW Zimbabwean parents still remember the promises made by Aeneas Chigwedere on being appointed deputy Education minister in 2000, when he said: “I feel I have come at […]

We’ve got to talk to Mugabe now

By Richard Dowden SEVEN weeks after the election victory of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party there is no sign that anyone has the slightest idea what to do next.

Flawed policies bleed fuel pumps dry

Vincent Kahiya FUEL accounts for 10% of Zimbabwe’s foreign currency requirements. Because of its centrality in the economy and the huge foreign currency allocation for imports, it is important for […]

Training influences our behaviour

By Magari Mandebvu WE can learn a lot about people by studying animals. After all, we are still animals, whatever else we may be as well. For example, I have […]

Public media journalists a liability

By Tendai Mbofana ONCE upon a time, the public media could be regarded as one of the main pillars holding up a nation, and the scaffolding in nation-building. They played […]

Need for new ways to run schools

By Jameson Timba THERE is need for a paradigm shift in the management of schools in Zimbabwe if our experience of the last 25 years is anything to go by. […]

Mbeki ideal candidate for Marxist study

By Michael Hartnack BEFORE Zimbabwe’s land seizures nervously made him into a Zanu PF fellow-traveller, my old friend and colleague, retired South African editor Ken Owen, used to mock the […]

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