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Zimbabwe political actors mere pawns

By Alex Magaisa  RECENT events in the Middle East have been horrendous. With global attention currently focused on the Middle East one would hope that the major political actors in […]

NGO Bill – the trap is set

By Wellington Mbofana A STORY is told of a man who set up a mousetrap (riva/isifu) to catch a troublesome rat that was ransacking his granary at will. When the […]

Economic woes continue unabated

Shakeman Mugari DESPITE government and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) claims that the economy is recovering, the manufacturing sector continues to decline. Analysts say the government’s poor (more…)

Tsvangirai’s acquittal opens new dangers

By Brian Raftopoulos THE news of opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s acquittal on the charge of treason two weeks ago has been hailed as a step […]

Unmasking Zanu PF hypocrisy about NGOs

By David Moore ZIMBABWE’S beleaguered ruling party has introduced a Bill banning foreign funding of, and imposing extraordinary state controls over, non-governmental organisations involved in human rights an (more…)

It’s no walkover anymore

By Chido Makunike BIZARRE things in the political world are picking up pace as we approach another general election. Both in the Mo (more…)

Zim crisis not just about land

By Phillip Pasirayi THE appointment of former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa to mediate in the Zimbabwean crisis has produced mixed reactions regarding his terms of (more…)

Zanu PF hoist by its own petard

By Adam Posluns FOR the past five years, the government of Zimbabwe has coupled attacks on the political opposition with a systematic clampdown on the independent media.

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