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MDC behaving like a dog chasing a car

By Tanonoka Joseph Whande CIRCUS maestros Barnum and Bailey couldn’t have dished out better entertainment. The greatest show on earth runs in Zimbabwe’s poli (more…)

Noble intentions, questionable prescriptions

Paul Nyakazeya BEFORE he presented the 2007 mid-term monetary policy on Monday, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono, warned that “people should not expect mir (more…)

Amendment good for the nation

By Professor Jonathan Moyo NOW that the dust has settled on the rather desperate propaganda by Zanu PF and the two MDC factions that the 18th constitutional amendment is (more…)

China invests in Africa irresponsibly – Geldof

CHINA is behaving irresponsibly in its trade relations with Africa and should better adhere to international standards, rights activist and Irish rocker Bob Geldof said on Tuesday. The anti-poverty campaigner […]

SA court ruling could put Zuma in spotlight

A SOUTH African court ruling may have cleared the way on Tuesday for presidential hopeful Jacob Zuma to face corruption charges again, the latest twist in a political drama gripping […]

Opportunities out of Zim crisis

By Trevor Ncube WHILE the Zimbabwean crisis is widening and deepening in every respect, the continued focus on its description instead of solutions is disheartening. Als (more…)

Mugabe unlikely to face challenge

Constantine Chimakure THE writing seems to be on the wall: President Robert Mugabe will in December retain the presidency of the ruling Zanu PF at its extraordinary cong (more…)

Sanctions: Mugabe’s red herring

By Chido Makunike THE Mugabe government puts tremendous energy into blaming what it refers to as “illegal sanctions” by Western countries for the Zimbabwean economy bein (more…)

A united people’s front imperative

By Lloyd Msipa THERE is an old Chinese proverb that says that “over a long distance, you learn about the strength of your horse; over a long time, you learn […]

Right move by Harare City Council

I AND many others were indeed pleased to read that at long last the Harare City Council (HCC) has recognised the need for restricting noisy and damaging events within public […]

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