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Jomic meeting fails to take place

A Tanzanian, David Katye, who is supposed to join the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic), flew back to his country after a Zanu PF representative failed to attend a […]

‘Mugabe holds key to conference success’

THE outcome of the forthcoming Copac Second all-stakeholders’ conference largely depends on the will of the three principals of the  Global Political Agreement, particularly President Robert Mugabe, analysts and political […]

Biti unpacks Zanu PF amendments

The tragedy with the counter proposals from Zanu PF to the agreed Copac draft of July 18 2012 is that they are legally and morally unacceptable as a law. Never […]

‘No deadlock in constitution-making’

As the GPA constitution-making process approaches its final point whose conclusion is made more urgent by the looming general election due within six months under the current or a new […]

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