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Preventing global pandemics a tall order

World View with Gwynne Dyer IT would be funny if it were not so serious. As migratory birds carry the avian influenza virus west across Europe, Britain is following in […]

Contest for Mugabe’s attention

By Chido Makunike IN recent years we have become accustomed to the amazing belligerence expressed in the statements of public officials in Zimbabwe.

Senate election casts shadow on MDC

Ray Matikinye THE low-level conflict that emerged from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s national executive council meeting last Wednesday over whether or not to participate in the forthcoming election […]

Calls for Gono to quit unjustified

By Bornwell Chakaodza “FIX it or go” (Zimbabwe Independent, Editor’s memo, October 7). “Stop the destruction, Gono must go”, said Tendai Biti, MDC’s secretary for economic affairs; and “Gono’s trillions […]

State-ownership of land a backward step

By John Robertson GOVERNMENT’S proposals to replace the former freehold title to agricultural land with a 99-year leasehold system appear to offer political advantages that make the concept attractive to […]

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