Kachirekwa among Africa’s ‘powerful giants’

Kachirekwa said he was pushing for the use of renewable energy in Africa’s development trajectory.
By Style Reporter May. 12, 2024
Book Review: Chuzu reflects on Malawian author Mwangupili’s poetry book
Book Review: Chuzu reflects on Malawian author Mwangupili’s poetry book
As I have always done with other books, I quickly went to the foreword and the author’s notes.
By Elisa Chuzu May. 12, 2024
Manyika’s latest show hilarious, thought provoking
The show featured brilliant female comedian Munya Guramatunhu and hip-hop artist R Wiz as opening acts.
By Khumbulani Muleya May. 12, 2024
Ghosh’s visit to Zim to open doors for budding artistes
She regarded the act as an “exploration of time, existence, and the interplay between material and immaterial realities.”
By Alfred Tembo May. 12, 2024
Edutainment Mix: Khaya Arts’s Bukeka Bulawayo initiative a creative stride in urban beautification
Khaya Arts' dance initiatives serve as powerful tools for engaging, empowering, and mobilising communities in Tshabalala and Sizinda
By Raymond Millagre Langa May. 12, 2024
New children’s book series celebrates culture in 15 languages
Having never seen herself being represented in books, particularly children's books, Mayowe said she wanted to create something that any Zimbabwean boy or girl could relate to.
By Khumbulani Muleya May. 12, 2024
Local creatives gang up to tackle piracy
This is because of the impact of illegal sports live streaming, which brings the total cost to a staggering $229 billion.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 12, 2024
Passion Java’s ‘night of spectacles’ that never was
Zimbabwe’s healthcare facilities are facing a critical crisis, with shortages of staff, medicine, and equipment leaving many in desperate situations.
By Sindiso Dube May. 12, 2024
In the groove: Sam Mataure rises again
Sam Tendai Mataure  who was born and bred in Mutare is a well known drummer and music promoter.
By Fred Zindi May. 12, 2024
Moyana explores life through dance
He says as a dancer, he tells his story through his outfits and signature looks that amaze everyone, who dare to watch him on stage.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 12, 2024
Out & About: Rich range rules Joya Mooi, Robyn L’s rhythmicity
Licenced with an out-of-the-way as well as introspective chic, the Motswana chanted chordate is industriously horsey on an apex of whitecaps.
By Grant Moyo May. 12, 2024
Mhangami: Another gospel gem emerging from Mutare
She has done videos for two songs — Tendeuka and Rudo Rwenyu, although the production is limited by lack of finance.
By Style Reporter May. 12, 2024
Developing countries gain from migrant remittances
IOM director general Amy Pope formally released the report in Bangladesh today, which stands at the forefront of migration challenges,
By Style Reporter May. 12, 2024
GhettoDances: An unexpected visit to the bar
The clean-up campaign by council was affecting small businesses which in most cases were not registered anyway.
By Onie Ndoro May. 12, 2024
Mother’s Day reflections: combination of emotions
Some children have lost their mothers and Mothers’ Day can cause emotional triggers. Reach out and pour some love and care.
By Style Reporter May. 12, 2024
Fans fall in love with Kikky Bad*ss latest project
Using her stunning outfits she makes sure she serves her fans both musically and visually.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 12, 2024
Macheso ready to meet Mvurwi
Macheso usually visits Mvurwi during the tobacco-selling season at the giant Shamwari Joe Hotel.
By Simbarashe Sithole May. 9, 2024
Sofar hosts concert at Chapungu Sculpture Park
The landscaped garden is a cultural landmark and was established by the late stone sculpture visionary Roy Guthrie.
By Style Reporter May. 6, 2024
Full house at Mvurwi’s new club official opening
The duo did not disappoint as they gave a scintillating performance in front of the packed Mzansi Lounge.   
By Style Reporter May. 6, 2024
Three years later, Bulawayo Arts Festival yet to pay artistes
The event, which returns this year, coincides with the commemorations of the day Bulawayo was declared a city on June 1.
By Sindiso Dube May. 5, 2024
Zim woman in Women Changing the World list
Chenesai Mukora-Mangoma is one of those Zimbabwean women climbing the ladder of success day by day. She is, however, not new to disturbing the waters a little bit.
By Style Correspondent May. 5, 2024
Edutainment mix: Echoes of Ancestry: Exploring influence of African traditions in hip-hop
Through his music, he pays homage to the ancestral spirits that continue to guide and inspire him, channeling their wisdom and resilience into every beat and lyric.
By Raymond Millagre Langa May. 5, 2024
Mayor prioritises water over arts
In an interview with Standard Style, Coltart said the story about him walking out of the meeting was incorrect; he had another meeting to get to.
By Sharon Sibindi May. 5, 2024
Hear Jaz Karis, Mahalia’s acoustics
On rotation donuts radiating energy, it would further “catch fire” her wide treasuring of euphony, thereupon, establishing the basis of her artistry.
By Grant Moyo May. 5, 2024
New Zima boss lays out her vision
Zvirawa said Zima’s long-term goal was to be continuous and consistent in order to spotlight Zimbabwe to be recognised on the global map.
By Nyasha Gorogodo May. 5, 2024
Foreign promoters jostle for Feli Nandi
Feli Nandi is the female musician of the moment as evidenced by her recent winning of the Outstanding Female Musician gong, her first accolade at the National Arts Merits Awards.
By Style Reporter May. 5, 2024
Channel O gasses up Mlue Jay
His song titled Utshintshi is receiving heavy rotation on Channel O’s prime time slots.
By Style Reporter May. 5, 2024
Bulawayo Shutdown: Winky D pays homage to Hustlers Nite Club
Winky D’s song One-One wasn't just a performance choice at the Bulawayo Shutdown, it was a celebratory throwback.
By Sindiso Dube May. 5, 2024