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I’ve never been against unity, says Sikhala

“THERE is strength in Unity”, (Zimbabwe Independent Comment, November 17) refers. There is no doubt that your paper occupies an important space in the field of information dissemination and its […]

What is Marazanye’s alternative?

FREEDOM of speech aside, I am surprised to see you publishing a double page spread of thinly disguised racist drivel from Kudakwashe Marazanye (Independent, October 24). (more…)

Kanengoni a myth-maker

HAS Alexander Kanengoni managed, courtesy of your columns (Independent, October 10) to get away with one of the biggest myths of all time?

Muzenda no hero

I WISH to correct those who were in the past few weeks hailing the late Simon Muzenda as a hero. What criterion is used (more…)

Call to rescue Zim’s youth

“IT takes a very great wickedness for those in power to sacrifice a whole generation, the youth of the nation, in order to maintain their own hold on power.”

UZ history lecturers vindictive

THE pain that has been caused to some of us by learned professionals at the University of Zimbabwe’s History department has led me to write this letter for the country […]

Let down by the media

IT is said that the media is the voice of the voiceless. This certainly is not true regarding the deafening silence of the media on the plight of students at […]

Zimbabweans are the most racially-tolerant

THE recent elections in the Canadian province of Ontario, while inviting my keen interest, drove me to conclude that Zimbabweans are the most racially tolerant species in the world. (more…)

Number of people settled a betrayal

SO finally the land audit committee’s findings are now known? I am happy that the land reform has ended but feel betrayed by the number of people who were finally […]

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