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Cash barons must be named

IN his remarks last night, the RBZ governor disclosed that some of the cash barons were senior government officials and well-placed senior Zanu PF officials who are hoarding large sums […]

Hope rests with voters

By Ryan Mbuya NOW that Zanu PF has endorsed Robert Mugabe as their presidential candidate, it is up to Zimbabweans to tell him and his party that this is the […]

Going back to the future

HISTORY surely keeps on repeating itself. Towards the general election which ushered Robert Mugabe into power in 1980, former Zimbabwe-Rhodesia prime minister, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, held what was dubbed the […]

Let Mugabe teach us democracy

I WAS surprised to hear President Mugabe boasting the other day at the UN Summit of having taught Ian Smith democracy. Mugabe went on to say that as a result […]

Xmas request to Santa Bob

SANTA Bob, makorokoto, amphlope, congratulations, they inform me you secured the candidacy, after intimidation and declaring the other time that there was no vacancy. My main concern, with all due […]

US obstructive at Bali conference

Worldview By Gwynne Dyer DO not be downhearted about the outcome of the Bali talks. They did not deliver the binding commitments to cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that are […]

Beyond human rights violations

By Alex Magaisa RECEIVED wisdom attributes the collapse of Zimbabwe to rampant abuse of human rights. So pervasive is this view that the language of human rights dominates every (more…)

Strike action paralyses judiciary system

Lucia Makamure ALBERT Matapo, one of the six men accused of plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe in May, is certainly going to spend the festive season in remand prison […]

Congress ignored economic crisis

Orirando Manwere LAST week’s Zanu PF extraordinary congress, which endorsed President Robert Mugabe’s candidacy for the 2008 presidential election, failed to (more…)

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