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Big Brother: Will Itai the cat survive to fight another day?

“BORELDINE,” the tag given to Big Brother evictee Geraldine –– a blending of the word boring and her name –– seems to have some credence since the Nigerian amassed the least amount of votes from the reality show’s viewers resulting in her departure. 

Geraldine fell by the wayside after being nominated by Zimbabwean Itai whom she had once described as “the biggest snake in the house.”
Speaking during Sunday’s eleventh live eviction show to host IK Osakioduwa, a tearful Geraldine stated that she expected Itai to pull the rug on her.
“I knew Itai was going put me up –– we don’t get along.”
As a result Itai received his second successive Molotov Cocktail courtesy of Geraldine which entails him having to dress up in a chicken suit for the whole of this week.
Speaking to independentextra on Tuesday before her return flight to Nigeria, the 24 year old law student expressed her gratitude for the opportunity she had been afforded in taking part in the reality show.
“I had a great time interacting with people from across Africa and also got an opportunity to chart out on my own without my twin sister who is usually a constant companion.”
On the issue of her popularity or lack thereof, Geraldine said she might not have been the most popular of the housemates but she brought a unique character into the show.
“That is the beauty of Big Brother. You do not necessarily have to be a one dimensional character to succeed.”
Although she intimated that if given another opportunity she would be louder and more stubborn Geraldine made the oft-repeated claim by most evictees that she was “true to herself” and that she “wouldn’t have done it any other way.” 
Meanwhile this week’s nomination session saw Angola’s Emma, Nigerian Kevin  and Itai up for eviction following head of house Edward’s decision to save Mzamo again, replacing her with Kevin.
Itai, who is the most “saved” housemate has managed to evade the firing line thus earning the title of the proverbial cat with nine lives.
However this Sunday’s eviction show will put to the test once again, the staying power of Zimbabwe’s remaining representative. Viewers can vote via the website at Econet subscribers can also text their favourite housemate’s name to 15626.

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