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It’s a weird world

A WOMAN unloading her laundry from the washing machine was given a huge scare after finding a five-foot snake curled up in her clothes.

Wendy Foley, 51, spotted the huge corn snake which had crawled into the washer when the door was open and survived the wash, reports The Sun.
The mum-of-two, from Exeter, Devon, said: “The washing had been through a full cycle and was ended so I was going to take it out and put more washing in.
“I opened the glass door at the front and I saw something.
“I took it to be part of a pair of jeans and then I wondered if it was a toy snake that children use. But then it poked its tongue out at me.”
She was horrified when discovering she would have to wait until the next day before the RSPCA would take the snake away.
She said: “The boys and I waited outside the house for a while because we were so scared. Then they went to bed and I just sat on my bed all night absolutely petrified.
“I kept thinking that it would get out and that there could be more than one in the house. I hate snakes. They scare me and I’ve absolutely no idea where this one came from.” ­— Reuters.

A CELLPHONE store manager in South Flora dissuaded an armed man from robbing the store by telling him Jesus wouldn’t approve. Instead of panicking when the suspect pulled a weapon, Nayara Goncalves started talking to him. He was jobless, and the 20-year-old Christian offered to connect him with friends who could help him find work.
She said she believed the man when he said he attended church and wasn’t a bad person. She told him the answer to his financial problems wasn’t in the cash register.
Then, the clerk nudged him with a little sin of her own. She said the store would hold her responsible for any cash he stole.
Goncalves said, “I just wanted to remind him that he knew better.”­—Reuters.

A KITTEN trapped in a police car’s engine was eventually freed by six kind-hearted cops.
It could have been the cat-alytic converter, or maybe the engine was purring a little more than normal, but when a member of the public told the police he’d seen the kitten disappear under the bonnet, they sprang into action.
The Austrian officers spent more than an hour searching the engine bay in Vienna, before finally finding the seven-week-old kitten hiding under the air filter.
“We couldn’t just drive off,” one explained. “We could hear the poor thing meowing but couldn’t persuade him to come out so we had to start taking the car apart until we could reach him.” ­ — Reuters.

OCTOPUS TO RECORD ALBUMWORLD  Cup oracle Paul the Octopus is poised for a new career – as an Elvis Presley impersonator.
The psychic sea creature became a global star after ‘predicting’ the correct outcome of all Germany’s matches in South Africa.
Paul picked winners by selecting mussels from one of two boxes decorated with national flags at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany.
He went on to correctly predict that Spain would win the final against Holland, reports Metro.
Now he is to be turned into an Elvis Presley tribute act by his new agent Chris Davies, from Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.
“One of the most exciting things is that he has a record deal in place for an album, called Paul The Octopus Sings Elvis,” said Mr Davies.
“There are books being written, a range of octopus toys are coming out this Christmas and there is even a new iPhone app.”—Orange news.

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