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Munya set for the moolah!

THE finale of M Net’s Big Brother All Stars reality show is once again upon us and this time viewers have something to look forward to as Zimbabwean Munya Chidzonga is poised to win the US$200 000 prize come Sunday evening.

This year’s edition, which saw housemates from previous seasons of the show trying their hand at clinching the prize for the second time around, was full of twists and intrigue which left viewers confused if not bewildered.
The notion of a second chance was stretched to its limits with mock evictions, which saw Kaone and Tatiana momentarily leaving the house, and also a barn house where evicted housemates were given another chance to get back into the house.
It also saw a violent altercation between South African Lerato and Ugandan Hannington which ultimately led to the latter’s disqualification from the show after protests from women’s rights groups.
For Zimbabwean audiences however, this season marks the first time one of their own has had a realistic chance to win the top prize. Munya has managed to ride the tiger of nominations, proving to be a formidable force in the house.
He was nominated more than any other housemate falling short of the proverbial cat’s nine lives by surviving eight times.
Judging by the results of votes cast on the last eviction show, Munya is the favourite to win it. Nine countries voted for him whilst his closest rival, Nigeria’s Uti, got six countries including the rest of Africa. The countries that voted to save Munya were: Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
However like any contest it is not over until the fat lady sings. Tanzania, Mwisho’s home country has voted for Munya consistently and so has Lerato’s South Africa but only when their candidates were absent from the nomination list.
Again Kenya, Sheila’s home country, has voted Munya on those occasions when he was not facing Sheila or Uti whilst Nigeria has voted for Munya at least once, when he was up against Tatiana, during week four.
Speaking to Big Brother during a diary session this week, Munya said there were a number of factors that weighed heavily in his favour to win the prize –– one of which was that two of the people that he was competing with came from countries that have won before. “I’m pretty excited,” he said.
Meanwhile Munya has pledged 10% of the prize money to the church should he be the eventual winner.

To vote for their favourite housemate, viewers can text the word vote followed by the housemate’s name to 15626 for Econet subscribers, or alternatively vote via the Big Brother website or wapsite.


Ngoni Muzofa

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