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It’s a weird world

A LONDON-BASED tour operator is searching for 22 holidaymakers happy to strip off for a seven-night naked cruise.

EWaterways, which specialises in river and coastal cruises, will run its first cruise for naturists in August 2011, exploring the Croatian coastline.
Highlights on the £500 holiday include a visit to Rab, often described by travel agents as “the island of love”, and a trip to Zadar, home to the famous Zadar Sea Organ.
EWaterways claims to be the first company to offer nudist cruising in the Adriatic, reports the Daily Telegraph.
“Naturist holidays are popular and Croatia has a lot of nudist beaches — so it’s a great match,” said a spokeswoman.
“Passengers will get undressed for swimming and sunbathing, but will be clothed for dinner.”
The company said it expects the cruise to appeal to a variety of European nationalities — but particularly Germans, as they are “really into naturism”.
It added that most of its customers are in their mid-40s.
The itinerary also includes stops at the islands of Molat, Olib and Mali Losinj, the medieval city of Cres, and the fishing village of Volosko.
The “intimate” ship features a bar, a spacious sun deck and a small restaurant, which will be serving traditional Croatian cuisine. — Orange news.

A US woman beat odds of 50 million to one when her baby was born on 10.10.10 (October 10  2010) — her third child to be born on such a special date.
New arrival Cearra Nicole Soper followed brother Cameron, who was born on 09.09.09, and older sister Chloe, 08.08.08, reports The Sun.
Mum Barbara Soper, 36, said of the unique sequence of birth dates: “Cearra is our little miracle.
“Chloe is lucky number eight, Cameron is lucky number nine and she is our lucky number ten.”
The pattern is all the more remarkable because two of the babies were born prematurely. Cearra arrived almost a month early after Barbara got clots in her legs and Cameron was born two weeks before he was due.
Statistics experts say the pure mathematical odds of such an achievement are more than 50 million to one. Barbara, of Rockford, Michigan, and husband Chad, 33, are not tempted to complete a quartet and aim for another baby next year on 11.11.11.
Barbara said: “Three is plenty. We don’t have any more planned.”— Orange news.

A DRUNK Australian man went home for a shower to sober up — but got the wrong house.
The woman who lived there was terrified to wake up to the sound of someone having a shower downstairs.
She frantically called the police who arrested her red-faced neighbour, reports Northern Territory News.
“He was very apologetic,” Superintendent Daniel Shean told the newspaper.
Supt Shean said the 42-year-old man had been so drunk that he got lost on his way back to his own house in Katherine.
But he thought he had finally found it and went straight into the shower to sober up.
By the time police arrived, the man was dressed and sitting on the 34-year-old woman’s verandah.
He reportedly said “sorry” to the police and woman many times after realising his mistake.
“The woman was just happy for us to take him away,” Supt Shean said. “She thought he was a burglar.”—Orange news.

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