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Growing your business: How to attract customers


To overcome this challenge to successful selling, entrepreneurs need to love their business and  be passionate about their products and services. If you are not excited about the difference that you make to your customers, eager to share with others or inspired by your clients and moved by the abundance of opportunities and possibilities afforded by your business, you will struggle to make sales and grow your business. Excitement, enthusiasm and passion are contagious. To really succeed in business you should be passionate about your offering. Customers will “feel” your excitement and passion and will be eager to buy from you.

The second thing that you need is to learn to handle failure, rejection and discouragement. These things come fairly routinely in the territory of selling. No one sells to everyone all the time. The resilience to overcome disappointment, rejection and even failure is a critical part of the business life.


To succeed in selling, you have to accept the simple fact that not everyone you meet is going to like you or buy from you, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying. Learn from your failures; view them as a stepping stone to being better.  Success is up to you. You can settle for being average or mediocre or you can decide that your future is up to you and nothing is going to stop you.

Here are a few things that will help you improve your sales and grow your business.

Define your target customer: you cannot please everybody, so you have to select specific segments of the market to target. This is very important and should be an integral part of your business plan. Your product should be able to solve the problems of your target customer or help them in some way.

Let people know you exist: no matter how good your product is, people will not buy it unless they get to know about it. You need to take action to promote your business. Go to where your customers are; send your marketing messages through channels that reach your target customers.

Invest in marketing: one of the rules I have found to work in attracting customers is to invest 30% of your time and resources in marketing activities. Every day or every week, budget 30% of your time and resources for marketing and promoting your business.


This could include refining your marketing action plans, crafting new marketing messages, reaching out to new customers or participating at networking events. A steady stream of marketing and promotional activities helpsensure that customers remember you when thinking of buying. If you relax, customers will forget about you and instead go to your competitors that  are better at marketing.

Get word-of-mouth recommendations: one of the most powerful ways to get more customers is through referrals from satisfied customers. And it’s for free. Ask customers to refer people they know to your business. You can even make it more attractive by offering them some sort of reward for doing so. But you have to make sure that your offering is excellent, because I don’t think they would be happy to recommend shoddy products or services.

Make it easy for customers to buy: one mistake commonly made by small businesses is making it difficult for customers to buy. Sometime back, I came across a flyer offering some service that I happened to be seeking.


Unfortunately, the phone numbers indicated on the flyer were continuously not reachable and I couldn’t get more information about the service.  Potential customers will easily give up if they have difficulty in reaching you. Ensure that you can be contacted easily and conveniently by potential customers.

About the Author
Phillip Chichoni is business planning consultant who works with SMEs and entrepreneurs. You may contact him by email on chichonip@gmail.com

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