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Q Montana releases 3D music video

Ngoni Muzofa

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST afro-jazz musician Q Montana (pictured) knows all too well the saying “a prophet is not without honour except in his own country”.  Not that Q Montana  is not recognised within the industry: he has played as a session musician for the likes of Tanga Wekwa Sando, Afrika Revenge and Dudu Manhenga to mention a few. He is however still etching out his niche in local music circles.

This should come as a surprise to fans and colleagues. Backed by the band Untamed, his performances have thrilled and inspired many at many prestigious music festivals in Zimbabwe and the region.

In Zambia, for instance, he has become a regular feature on the entertainment scene. His performances have won him rave reviews from the Zambian media.

He was once invited to perform for former Zambian president, Kenneth Kaunda, at a Christmas special and the event was broadcast on Zambian television. He also collaborated with Zambian greats Mau Mwale and Chris Aka on a regional song for Sadc.

To date Q Montana has three albums under his belt; Neo Vector (2005), Sweet Pain (2007) and Untamed (2009).

He recently released a video for the song Swedera on his second album Sweet Pain. The video is entirely in 3D animation, something which he believes is a first in Zimbabwe.

“I decided to make videos for my first two albums. Since I now run a media company, we thought we should make the video for Swedera purely in 3D animation.

“We have made history on this project in Zimbabwe since only 2D animation videos had been made here before.”

His company, Untamed Media, specialises in the provision of multimedia educational material catering for kindergarten up to high school students.

He is also shooting the video for his other album which will coincide with the release of his fourth.

“We haven’t started recording yet for the fourth album. All I know now is that it will be called Strings Attached.”

Q Montana has used social media such as MySpace and Facebook to network with other artistes beyond Zimbabwe’s borders which have brought about opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas.

“Through social media we have linked with artistes as far afield as Brazil. I plan to collaborate with them on my next album along with other notable African artistes. Bruno Migliari from Brazil, Yvonne Mwale Zambia and Charlie Chovino from France.”
He has lined up a series of concerts this year which he describes as “concept  gigs”.

“I decided to harness the exposure I have managed to have to come up with shows that will be value for money for fans. We will have monthly shows which we will advertise in the press. It will be worth it, I promise you.”

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