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Cancer Day commerations themed on prevention

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Cancer Association (ZCA) said cancer awareness was vital as the disease was killing more people than any other condition.
“Cancer kills more people globally than Tuberculosis, Aids and malaria combined and the number is growing quickly,” the association said.
“Each year over 12, 7 million people receive cancer diagnosis and 7, 6 people die from the disease.
“Without immediate action the global number of death from cancer will increase by nearly 80% by 2030.”
ZCA said one third of cancer deaths can be avoided through prevention and another third through early detection and treatment but the burden was rising without action.
“People must do away with smoking. They must eat  healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol intake and exercises are vital as well,” the statement added.
“There is also consistent evidence that avoiding exposure to passive smoking and avoiding excessive sun exposure can help in terms of one getting infected with cancer.”
Effective treatment improves quality of life of cancer patients and can cure those that are diagnosed early.
However, Zimbabwe has been hit by lack of medical equipment such as radiotherapy machines.
The commemorations will be marked by a march from Parirenyatwa Hospital to Africa Unity square where the main activities will be held.

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