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Purewood brings fresh sound


“With many artists, there is an assumption that if you have a nice voice you can sing but actually you need to harness that talent. Music is not just a talent, it involves technique. When I went to Hillsong I knew I had talent but when I was there I realised that I had a lot to learn,” he said.

Before going to study music, Mukamuri polished his musical act in a local pentecostal church, New Life, where he sang with accomplished gospel musicians such as Pastor G and Pride Priestley. He has already worked on two singles which are featured on Zimpraise, an album that features music from several local gospel artists.

The singer, songwriter and guitarist said he tries to make his music relevant in society by talking about socially-pertinent issues in his songs.

“My angle is more of being relevant — I believe the church sometimes backs off critical issues but my approach is to talk about these things.”
He added that his major aim was to help Zimbabwean musicians develop a sense of strong self-belief.

“When I was in Australia, I noticed that the people there had a common mindset that said: just give it a go. I realised that as Zimbabweans we needed our own unique attitude. We need to have a mindset of resilience.

“I think because of what we have gone through people have a wrong perception about being Zimbabwean. The way I look at it is that if we survived all these years of political and economic stress, then we can do more if we choose to be always at our best. It is our time. It is our season. And we must show the world our best capabilities.”

Mukamuri said he has released a single Healing, which talks about how a relationship can bring healing to the people involved, and is also busy working on an album which will be launched in the second quarter of this year.

He added that he is daring to take on both the local and global music scenes with his unique sound which comprises pop, neo-soul, R ‘n’ B, reggae and other old school and contemporary genres.

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