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Tuku the tobacco farmer

While in the past most of our artists solely depended on music with some of them dying very poor, the current crop of singers has learnt to invest wisely.
Most of the big names in the industry will tell you that they are doing something else besides music to supplement their incomes.


Apparently, the common venture among these musicians is farming.

While it is well known that Alick Macheso, First Farai, Sulumani Chimbetu and Tongai Moyo are into farming, Standard Life&Style can reveal that Oliver Mtukudzi is also a farmer.

He has been growing many crops at his home in Madziwa and this year he has planted tobacco right in his yard.

The Mtukudzi family’s thatched home is by the roadside and travellers to Mt Darwin can easily see the thriving tobacco crop.

The Mtukudzi family last week said farming has always been part of its activities outside music.

Mtukudzi’s wife, Daisy said they have been into farming for some years, growing a variety of crops, and had decided to add tobacco to their list this year.

“For the past years we have been growing roundnuts, groundnuts and maize and this year we have decided to try tobacco on a small scale but from what we are noticing the crop is doing very well.

“We might decide to increase the scale of the crop in future.

“People are already talking a lot about our fields but the portion is not very big,” she said.

Mtukudzi concurred with his wife saying there was nothing new about their farming activities in Madziwa.

“Yes we are into farming but honestly this is not anything big.

“We did not grow a large portion of tobacco and farming is not anything new to us as we have always been doing it”, he said.

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