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Grooming: Not every look is worth imitating

However, there are some looks that should stay on TV and not be emulated in the streets because they work on TV and not on our streets. Stars like Rihanna are popular trendsetters, particularly when it comes to her hairstyles. Someone else may have the hairstyle before her but once Rihanna has it, it becomes one that is worth imitating.


On the other hand there are trends and styles that should be left to the TV stars that own them and not be emulated. 

The Michael Jackson Socks
The King of Pop wore those white socks with black trousers and black shoes well. Later on he wore silver ones with glitter detail. Nevertheless, it is a style that should be left to him and him only. It is his signature look.
Anyone else trying to do it looks ridiculous because they would probably not have the personality, attitude and wardrobe to wear the white socks with the black shoes. Instead it would look like a serious wardrobe malfunction.  Let the white socks with black shoes and trousers rest in peace with their master.

Hair Colour
That peroxide blonde does not even look all that great on TV, let alone in reality. Your hair should compliment your eyes and skin tone. It should blend instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.  Some hairstyles are just props for music videos and should not be tried at home. Nicky Minaj does the pink or blue hair as do Katy Perry and Pink. Once again these look great on TV because they have the attitude to complement the hair. On the average person such hair would look bizarre.

In Zimbabwe, I have not come across many pink and blue hairstyles but I have seen more bad blondes that I would like to see. There is always the right shade of blonde for someone, even the dark skinned but peroxide blonde on the dark-skinned is just atrocious because it does not enhance your looks, instead it works against them. Dark-skinned women do not naturally have blonde hair so more often than not it would look awful and very artificial.


Nothing attractive about saggy trousers that expose underwear

Rappers have perfected the art of sagging their trousers and showing off their underwear. However their music videos should come with a “don’t try this at home warning”. It is such a scruffy look. Why wear trousers and then intentionally let them hang under your buttocks and expose your underwear? That just looks ridiculous.

For as long as I have been on this earth every boy, especially in high school, would go through the phase of sagging their pants because it is “cool”.
Fortunately most boys outgrow this when they become men and realise how dumb they looked.  Rap artists such as Lil Wayne make it look acceptable but it is actually absurd.

Male prisoners in the United States of America were not allowed to wear belts because some would hang themselves with them so their trousers would sag as they had nothing to hold them up. Let’s leave the sagging of trousers only to men in prison.


The short shorts and micro-mini
Short shorts and very short skirts are popular on TV, especially in music videos. Video girls usually opt for wearing less and even on TV it looks inappropriate. Yet you would find ladies, especially teenagers, wearing these really short shorts that could be mistaken for underwear. They do not only save them for the nightclub but also wear them to the food court and they look awful. I do not know whatever happened to being mysterious and leaving some things to the imagination.

The next time you are watching TV and see something fashion-related that you believe is worth trying out, take a moment and ask yourself whether it would work outside of that black box you are staring at.

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