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Mbira group on cultural mission

In an interview on the sidelines of the group’s show at Book Café recently, Nyamasvisva said their music was about encouraging people to stick to their culture.


“Our music reflects culture and mirrors the Zimbabwean society as a whole.

“Despite being just a form of entertainment, it seeks to educate and remind generations about the importance of our cultural heritage,” Nyamasvisva said.
Recently the mbira ensemble, which split from the famed Mbira DzeNharira about five years ago, toured Zambia to promote Zimbabwean culture through live shows.

The group also extensively toured the United States in the summer of 2008.

Mawungira eNharira is known for staging scintillating performances at their weekly shows and the group has taken over the Book Café, turning it into a serious mbira affair on Fridays.

The award-winning, deeply spi-ritual, eight-man mbira ensemble, which describes itself as ever-versatile, had the crowd up on their feet throughout a five-hour performance, last week at the Book Café.

Nyamasvisva led the group by example when he plucked the keys of his trademark Nhovapasi bass mbira with a virtuosity that can be hardly paralleled.
The bass mbira’s stamp in the ultimate beat was unmistakable, serenading music fans with a rich and compelling tempo.

As he played his bass mbira with finesse and with closed eyes, Nyamasvisva appeared to be possessed with a music spirit and the act was mystical.
Countless times during the performance, some music fans danced away as if possessed by spirits invoked by the booming music.

The mbira outfit is now recording its seventh album Bvunza Mutupo that is set to be released in May.

“I can confirm that we are now in the studios and recording another album that fans can  expect in May, we are working and making serious efforts to provide our fans with the best of music,” Nyamasvisva said.

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