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Pub restaurant category introduced for 2011

As can be observed, there are certainly enough restaurants of this nature in the country to justify the introduction of its own special category, and accordingly, restaurants fitting this bill which are already within the folds of the contest, will be invited in the next week, to enter here.



So too, are restaurants of this ilk who have never entered before, warmly invited to bite the bullet and enter — putting themselves in the running for an award at the end of the 2011 season, and getting all the free publicity that goes with being a “Zim on a Plate” entrant.

Certainly such a category is desirable — for restaurants of this nature have up until now been lumped in with Family Restaurants, lacking their own dedicated category, which has not been ideal — however, until now, the number of entrants in Zim on a Plate was not quite high enough to sustain an additional category while keeping the awards meaningful.

Let’s see how many pubs who serve fine food, jump to attention and get in the game!

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