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How our restaurants compare

Meantime, we can be thankful that we enjoy such high standards of food and service in our country’s best restaurants. The number of those who can easily compete with and demonstrate international standards continues to grow and Zim on a Plate consequently continues to observe increasingly stiff competition for high ratings and awards.


The most common current criticism levelled at the restaurant trade among those who regularly dine out, is that our restaurants remain rather expensive compared with neighbouring South Africa, and even, with some comparable restaurants further afield — overseas.


There are of course many exceptions, restaurants who take public feedback about this thorny issue to heart and strive to offer good value for money.

In early 2009 when dollarisation thankfully arrived, it was understandable to see hefty pricing, but with so much more competition across the board and much improved product availability and choice, consumers still hope to see restaurant prices coming down more, as indeed, they have done at many establishments during the past two years. We now have modest single figure inflation as seen in developed nations, the kind considered both healthy and actually desirable. 
Meantime, though, on the quality front, many of our restaurants are absolutely top notch, and for that, we can be thankful!



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