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Who will be the Service Personality of 2010?


This means that they have shown themselves to be outstanding and have drawn the attention of reviewers — whether reviewing the restaurant at the time, or visiting it at some other time.


That reviewer might not even have received service from the person named, but may have noticed their excellent performance by observation.


This award was introduced in 2009 and was an excellent addition to the possibilities for accolades and recognition, giving service people, whether waiters, bar staff, the maitre d’, manager or any other notable service personality, an opportunity to receive acclaim for excellent service.

Such service staff are so often the unsung heroes of a great restaurant. Often, an excellent dining experience has more to do with a superb waiter than any other aspect of the whole. Of course, great food helps! But it’s not enough on its own, and the waiting staff who succeed in making the diner feel truly privileged and special during their experience at the establishment concerned, can make all the difference between an ordinary meal and a really memorable one!

Something as simple as a genuinely warm welcome on entering a restaurant, can well set the scene for what comes later, and the mood instilled on arrival. Added extra touches can come in the form of service personnel using their imaginations to handle a special, unusual request by a diner, or anticipating their exact needs at just the right moment.


It takes a special service person to do this, and those shown on the finalist list, have somehow stood out to a reviewer enough to warrant being nominated for Service Personality of the Year — which in itself speaks volumes about their dedication to serving patrons to the best of their ability.


—Rosie Mitchell

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