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ZMC ‘in Zhakata’s way’

A source said ZMC was holding on to Zhakata’s album in a development allegedly aimed at thwarting his move.


Zhakata has been linked to a move to Metro Studios but that transfer has been crippled because ZMC could not immediately let go of his album, which they have failed to release for more than two years.
The musician made a decision to quit the company after realising that the album, titled Gotwe/Last Born, was unlikely to see the light of day as officials at his record company of 17 years kept it in their drawers under unclear circumstances.

He has also accused the company of leaking some unreleased songs to the market.


While indications at the beginning of this month were that Zhakata would start a new catalogue outside ZMC, it seems the move will not be smooth.

Officials at Metro Studios, where the musician was reported to be setting a new deal, confirmed that they were in talks with the musicians but refused to give further details saying the musician was still to sign a contract and the delay in the transaction was beyond their control.

Although Zhakata was not willing to give much information on the latest developments, he confirmed that he was still to get his master copy from ZMC.

“I am going to meet Vori. He was said to be absent from work for the better part of this week. I will talk to you after that meeting,” said Zhakata.

Emmanuel Vori is ZMC managing director.

But a source revealed that Zhakata has been unsuccessfully trying to cut ties with the company that has released all his 15 albums since 1994. He is said to have written to the company last week seeking the release of his master copy.

Vori refused to comment on the issue.

“I cannot talk about issues concerning Zhakata over the phone. The best thing is that you come with him and we can discuss the issue with him in your presence. I do not want to talk about his issues to other parties in his absence,” said Vori.

Zhakata recently revealed that he suspected there could be political motives behind ZMC’s failure to release the album onto the market.

“People have been telling me that my album would not make it at the record company because some of the songs have been politically interpreted.

“At first I did not take it seriously because I do not advance any political agenda in my compositions. I am an artist, not a politician. But this delay and lack of clarity on the issue has made me realise that such suggestions could be true,” the musician said.

Zhakata had a clash with political authorities after some of his songs were regarded as politically incorrect and were banned from airplay on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation radio and television stations.

He believes that this paintbrush could have trailed him to his record company, which is now under the control of Elias Musakwa, a well-known politician.

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