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'Angelic visit' motivated gospel singer Chigavure

For others its money while some choose the genre because they grew up singing in the church choir.

But for Daisy Chigavure, the new kid in Zimbabwe’s gospel scene she says her career was shaped by mysterious things that happened in her life.

“One day l had a dream, where God was telling me that I am supposed to preach to the people as they were sinning and I did not take it seriously that time,” she said.

She claims it was not until she had an “angelic visit” that she started taking her calling seriously.

Chigavure says she saw people abusing alcohol and killing each and this motivated her to start preaching.

“I could preach to the church but l realised that the word was not reaching many people so l decided to spread the word which l was given through music,” she said.

This resulted in her new released debut album titled ‘Taparara neJoy’, which has seven tracks.

The title track ‘Taparara neJoy’ is the first song on the album and asks questions about people who abuse alcohol and drugs in the name of recreation.

“Nyasha Dzichiripo, talks about how people are sinning and how God continues to forgive them.

“Hazvina Maturo, is about what our bodies desire which is against the will of God,” Chgavure said.

“I believe that if people will listen to the album, their lives will change for the better.”

She is working on the videos that will accompany all the songs and expects to release them in August.


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