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Grooming With Heather: Womanhood: A celebration of colour

In a man’s world there are colours that are considered to be too feminine or not manly. We do not have that problem. Grey, brown, blue are perfectly acceptable in our world.
Maybe when we are newborn babies blue is not a popular colour for us because at that stage in life colours define what sex we are. Thereafter, bring on the blue. Everything we do has different colour shades: make-up, nail polish, hair, shoes, handbags and belts.

2. Handbags
You have got to love the many shapes, sizes, colours, fabrics and styles of bags. Handbags say a lot about a woman. The style of the bag will say whether you are a trendsetter, trend-follower or whether you do not think twice about trends. The fabric will say whether you are quality conscious and you prefer bags that will last you years or if you just want one that will serve its purpose for that moment and when it is worn out you toss it out and replace it. The colour will say whether you are conservative or outgoing. The man-bag has nothing on our handbag. It comes in neutral, bland colours. The styles vary slightly but if you have seen one you have seen the rest. 

3. Shoes, shoes and more shoes
Peep-toes. Sling backs. Ballet pumps. Wedges. Mary-Janes. Brogues. Gladiators. These are just a few of the styles there are, not to mention the shoe designers who create shoes that are to die for, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin, once again only to mention a few. They come in neutral colours, multi-coloured designs, sky high heels, medium length and just flat. The same applies to formal and casual shoes. Men too have multi coloured shoes but these are primarily found in their casual range, sneakers. I cannot imagine a man wearing a suit and hot pink formal shoes to work. Inasmuch as men’s shoes are generally more comfortable than ours, we endure a pain we do not mind even though we may end up walking back barefoot to our cars. The moment we arrived, we turned heads and that is all that matters.

4. Our Dresses
Whenever I watch the Red Carpet events on television, like the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars, the most interesting part is watching the women walk down the carpet.
The majority of them look amazing in their different colours and designs. The designers go all out and pull out all the stops.
Some of the dresses are too avante-garde for me. However it seldom happens that two women walk down in the same dress.
The men wear a black tuxedo and white shirt because the awards are black tie events. When awards come up there isn’t much planning that goes into their wardrobe.
Same applies in the case of a wedding. We all look forward to seeing the bride’s dress.We only notice the groom’s suit if it is pleasantly different but if it is horrendous we will never forget and it will be a point of reference of “what not to wear”.
In bridal magazines brides’ gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses take up the bulk of the pages while the menswear will only take up a handful of pages.

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