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SundayView: Veterai ranting will not derail MDC resolve

Now that Edmore Veterai has made a political statement it is inevitable that my submission will have to be political too.


This attention seeking police officer’s action will not cause any meaningful harm and he will not get the attention he desperately needs from Welshman Ncube and the MDC party. If anything, his actions will obviously cause more shame and embarrassment to the security forces’ chefs that are already being viewed as appendages of Zanu PF.

It is being shallow-minded for someone  who is supposed to be a senior public officer of the country to assume that to celebrate Independence Day means to be paraded sitting closer to those that have made the celebration of this great day a mockery; those that have become the monuments of betrayal of this great day.


It is no longer a secret that the Zanu PF regime has trampled upon all that the ex-combatants and the people of Zimbabwe sacrificed for. Worse still, this year our Independence celebrations came at a time when the nation is still living under the pre-independence legislations, has  a political environment resembling that of the colonial times and nationalwealth remains in the hands of the ruling elite and the politically connected.

I believe the MDC was and is convinced of the innocence of the Deputy Secretary General and the co-Minister of the National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration Moses Mzila Ndlovu.


I believe that the arrest of the minister while performing his ministerial and constitutional duties does not only smack of malice but is also contemptuous of the Executive.


It would have been a betrayal of unimaginable proportion if MDC President Welshman Ncube was to be seen jostling for the seat close to the First Secretary of Zanu PF while Moses Mzila Ndlovu is languishing in the custody of the police, solely for asking the people of a possible way of reconciling the country after the crimes that were committed by the Zanu PF regime.

This politics of patronage entrenched in this country by Zanu PF over the past three decades has driven its beneficiaries to the embarrassing levels. It is surely unfortunate that the security forces have become the greatest causalities, the spurious allegations, threats and the contempt of the opposition political have become the unwelcome order of our politics.

I am convinced that this frustration against the MDC has been developing over time; the security chefs aligned to Zanu PF have been watching the transformation of the MDC from the congress, which was a resounding success to the rallies in the rural areas that Zanu PF had turned into their safe zones. It is a thorn in the flesh of Zanu PF to see the party growing at this rate, attracting hundreds of people to its rallies.


It should be clear to the likes of Veterai that the people of Zimbabwe have outgrown this intimidation; no amount of vilification of their leadership will dampen their spirits.

It is now a fact that it is not subject to debate that Prof Welshman Ncube and the MDC will form the next government through the democratic processes that we are currently negotiating. We would not lose sleep over the statements of some desperate elements who seek to get recognition by engaging in some dirty conversations with President Welshman Ncube.

The imagination that the MDC wanted to forcibly release Mzila from the police custody is preposterous, the party is aware that these malicious and baseless charges against the Deputy Secretary General will not see light in a competent court, how then can the party want to take him by force when it is aware that Mzila is going to be released finally.


The MDC over the years has seen its cadres facing serious allegations, President Welshman Ncube included when he was charged of treason but in all these charges the state has never won a conviction. I don’t remember a day that the MDC has attempted a violent release of its cadres.

I am convinced that due to the commitment of the MDC to the liberation of this country that has remained undiluted over the years, that it has the policy in place for the rehabilitation of the victims of political patronage.


Those that have over the years found themselves in a position to please the system by crying more than the hurt in exchange for comforts. The MDC will put a system of  rewards and promotion based on professional achievements and certainly not patronage.

Gifford Mehluli Sibanda is the Chief  Information and Communication Officer of MDC.  He writes in his personal capacity.

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