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Local Global Fund board’s term expires

Rangarirayi Chiteure, the CCM coordinator said new elections would be organised soon.

“The CCM has 20 members which include government, non-governmental organisations, development partners, faith based organisations, United Nations and each partner will select its member.

“There will be induction training for these new members,” he said.

Commenting on the incoming board, National Aids Council CEO Tapiwa Magure said, the new board must successfully guide the country in attaining more grants from the Global Fund.

“The new board should make sure that the country will receive the current approved grants for Round 8 and 10,” Magure said.

“There is great need for the board to guide the country in the next application of Round 11so that the health sector will not run short of funds.

“The current board might have some weaknesses; the new board must make sure that they overcome such weaknesses so that they will be a smooth flow of activities.”

Freddie Kachote, the director of The Centre, a non-governmental organisation that works with people living with Aids said for the new board to be effective there must be transparency in its selection.

He said the board must not be dominated by government officials and that the members must be well qualified.

Zimbabwe National Network of People living with Aids (ZNNP+) CEO Tabona Shoko said the current board was a big let down because it had poor lines of communication.

“There is need for professional approach, when it comes to service delivery and there is need for representatives to be accountable,” Shoko said.

“They must be in a position to give feedback, so that at the end of the day we are informed of what is happening on the ground.


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