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Pasichigare: A versatile group

Although it is little-known, Pasichigare mbira group is steadily rising from the background to the limelight heights of mbira circles.

This ensemble is composed of six members with a firm background of mbira artistry and the group was named after the ensemble’s passion to remind the audience of the importance of mbira music in our society.

The group’s members include Tavengwa “Nyamasvisva” Nyamukondiwa who is also the band manager, Kurauone “Shumba” Maponga, Cater “Madyira” Kachowa, William’Gushungo’Tome, Tawanda “Tembo” Nyarinde and Tinashe Moyo.

The versatility of this ensemble is what makes it unique and pregnant with potential.

“Everyone in the ensemble can compose songs and this is complemented by their ability to lead.

“This is just what has kept us intact because every member complements the group, we are all inseparable and if just one member is absent the vibe changes since we work as a team”, said Maponga.

Pasichigare was formed in 1995 after all the six members decide go professional and Kachowa is the first member to have mentored others since he started playing mbira and other traditional instruments at a very early age.

This ensemble has played mainly at private functions and other bira ceremonies in the country.

They played during the “Sekuru Mushore” bira ceremony and they play every Sunday at the Tanzanian Social Club in the city.

The group also plays a range of the seemingly varying types of mbira.

According to this group the unique way through which they play the mbira has given them enough motivation to sustain the group and influence to rise in this genre.

“The audience we get when we perform at our shows has given us the motivation. We need to keep playing the mbira,” said Nyamukondiwa.

“It is always difficult to sustain group members, especially when the ensemble has vast talent”.

“One person might actually feel important than the other and this is what results in unexpected splits, something which is not good in the industry considering the effects on one’s carrier.”

Pasichigare’s music cuts across all ages and the group believes that the way they play the mbira alone without vocals sends out messages to the audience.

Those who have lately been following the ensemble must know some of their explosive tracks such as, Gomorisina Muchero and Mukaushande a song with a typical message to all those who subscribe to the notion that hard work rewards.

Pasichigare hasn’t yet released an album but most of their singles are enough to come up with a compilation of two albums.

“We want to give out the best to our fans and we are working on something considering that we have limited funds.

“Lack of funds has always been one of the deterring factors in this industry but we have an action plan in place to release our debut album and fans can expect something soon”, said Nyamukondiwa.            

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