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SundayView: Zimbabweans must not despair, the third republic is at hand

Let Zimbabweans not despair. The national struggle is nearing the finishing line — a line of relief when one was almost contemplating capitulation.  Despite the image of current agonies the motherland is facing, it is true that sooner rather than later the third republic is within sight. It will be a republic consolidating the gains of the first and second republics. It will be a republic which will throw horrors of the erstwhile republics in the dustbins and modernise the fatherland towards greater heights.
All the years in Zimbabwe’s history from 1890, the time of colonisation can be constituted as the first republic. This era was characterised by peaceful co-existence of our peoples to acceptable levels suitable to those times. The second republic came about with the attainment of independence in 1980. The colonial era was a time of sorrow; a time of continuous struggle for freedom which finally came in 1980.  Now we await the Third Republic.
The achievements and happiness brought about during the post-independence era are fast eroding as the nation approaches the era of the next republic. The outcome of the next presidential and parliamentary elections in Zimbabwe will definitely lead to the birth of the next republic, the third republic. The post-independence government formed the second republic which is certain to be transformed into a third republic at the next internationally supervised and recognised election.
International supervision does not necessarily mean Western or United Nations supervision. It first and foremost means Sadc and African Union supervision and recognition. The next presidential election will probably be the second most defining moment since 1980. In that election it is beyond doubt that the third republic will witness a government headed by new blood and a younger generation.
This might sound like day- dreaming to some, but this is fortunately the reality that awaits. Sooner rather than later, the birth of a third republic will proclaim itself. The moment a free and fair election is announced will herald an automatic birth of a rejuvenated third republic born through the democratic wishes of the people of Zimbabwe.
This republic will be any government other that the current one. This government will be forced to be democratic and start to care for its people once more. In this era that is around the corner, Zimbabwe will once again assume her status as a giant among giants. Zimbabwe will modernise her economy, her roads, railways, schools, shops, industries, farms and national parks. Zimbabwe will export again to the European Union, the US, Australia, Africa, Asia and the rest of the world.
Zimbabwe will have friends again — friends from the West, East, South and North. Teachers will be back in class. Mothers will stand on the fences and chat with their neighbours. Young boys and girls will freely play games in the streets again without any fear. Crime will vanish. Corruption will be ruthlessly crushed and Zimbabwe will emerge more gigantic than ever before.
The motherland will remain with its people and her natural resources will once again send folks of all colours and all races rushing to the Hwange National Park, to Victoria falls, Murambinda, Matusadona, Karoi, Hot springs, Harare and Bulawayo.  Let the sons and daughters of this land not lose hope because the struggle is at a truly turning point. People, the long awaited freedom is about to be born. Let’s stand together and victory will not elude us. A free and democratic Zimbabwe is now near.

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