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The return of Zig Zag band

Famed for its popular song of 1987 Gomo Ramasare, Zig Zag band has regrouped and is now holding shows in the Midlands province where it is based.

The new-look eight-member Zig Zag Band only has three original members namely Steven Lunga, Madison and Isaac Phiri. 

The group will be recording its new album titled Harder than the Rock with Diamond Studios in the near future.

Band leader Lunga said the group had gone into spiritual hibernation following the death of some of its founding members but was now back and stronger following the long absence.

“Zig Zag does not move in a straight path so we had just turned on one of the corners into spiritual hibernation while grooming other young members of the band so that they can turn professional and replace our late colleagues,” said the dreadlocked Lunga.

Known for their Chigiyo type of music, Zig Zag was formed in 1982 and has eight albums to its name with the last recording being in 2005 when they released Chigiyo Vibes before they went into ‘hibernation’.

Lunga said the band although sticking to their type of music has now rebranded their approach in a bid to make the group which once toured with Oliver Mtukudzi, internationally acceptable.

“We still have what it takes to be at the top again, we have also started composing English songs so that we can have an international appeal.

”The album Harder than the rock is one such step as we hope to reclaim the top spot in the musical scene,” Lunga said.

According to Zig Zag, Chigiyo music is a reflection of cultural norms and values through song, which they say can actually summon the spiritual realm to the attention of the living.

“Most of our songs are spiritual. Songs like Mhondoro Dzinonwa Muna Save and Bombiro have always been there and were used at spiritual gatherings to summon the spirits.

“It is this passion to keep our culture which makes us relevant to our society as a musical group,” Lunga said.

The group was the main act at this year’s Kwekwe District independence celebrations held in Torwood. 

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