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BBA: Will Vimbai survive tonight?

The mere fact that she is a daughter of a deputy minister and a retired brigadier — both Zanu PF stalwarts — has seen her popularity plummeting, with some fans joking crudely that her parents, whose party is accused of rigging elections, had had a hand in her selection to represent the country in the BBA show.

Negative remarks have been flowing.

One comment from a local viewer, Eddie Moyo read: “Whatever this nonsense is all about she should go and till the land which her father got in time for winter wheat.”
The fact that on one occasion she wore a Zanu PF bandana did not go down well with some of the show’s local fans who have since started to de-campaign her.
A fan identified as Wilson said: “Ndochii icho chaakapfeka mumusoro, ngaaende mwana wabrigadier (what is that she is wearing on her head, this brigadier’s daughter just has to go).”

The harsh criticism has not only been external, as other housemates also accuse her of having an identity crisis as reflected by her “Americanised” accent.
Vimbai’s sister, Belinda, however came to her sister’s defence, arguing that her accent merely reflected her upbringing.

“Vimbai is very Zimbabwean and people shouldn’t be distracted by her accent,” Belinda said.

“One of the schools she attended had American teachers and students hence her American accent. In fact, when we were growing up, we were not allowed to speak in English and our parents always insisted that we speak in Shona.”

Vimbai further hit the news headlines in Zimbabwe when on Thursday she was stripped-of her bra by Vina (Nigeria). Vimbai instantly covered her exposed breasts with her hands, appearing very embarrassed.

Although this was a task given by Big Brother for all housemates, some Zimbabweans did not take it lightly.


“Please do not let her out of the BBA house, she is a disgrace, kuda kubvisa bhurugwa pamberi penyika yose baba namai vakatarisa, unonyadzisa Vimbai (she almost took off her panties in front of all viewers, probably including her parents). You are a shame Vimbai,” wrote a viewer who identified herself as Tinoda Zimbo.

However, they are some viewers who have been supportive of Vimbai. One Dennis Madyira wrote: “Vimbai is a Zimbabwean citizen despite the fact that she was not raised in Zimbabwe.

“Let’s support fellow Zimbabweans; both Vimbai and Wendall, they are the best as they are holding our flag high, let’s not embarrass our nation by being evicted first.”

There has been a considerable share of support for Vimbai from many viewers and it is a majority hope that she does not leave the house first.

Meanwhile, while viewers have their own take on Vimbai, it is clear she has had her own share of problems in the house.

After losing their task on Friday, all hell broke loose when Vimbai told Confidence in front of the housemates that she should behave like a role model.

“I felt uncomfortable at times and thought you took some things a bit too far. Because of your age, you’re supposed to be a role model and play the role of big sister,” said Vimbai to Confidence.

Confidence was livid and told Vimbai in no uncertain terms: “I am nobody’s big sister in this house.

“Everyone here came as an individual, not to find a bigger sister. No one put a gun to your head and said do the photo-shoot.”

Also last week, Vimbai confessed to Confidence that she had feelings for Alex saying she was not in BBA to be played. She revealed how she thought Alex was indecisive as he was flirting and kissing Millicent.


“If we were outside, we wouldn’t compete in any way. I have more to offer than the other woman does. We’re different in so many ways,” Vimbai said.

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