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Brown bemoans lack of airplay for Chiwoko

He strongly participated in Zanu PF’s Hondo Yeminda campaign when he teamed up with Sister Flame and Potato to form the Mo’ Fire crew which did the song VaChitepo.

According to Brown, this time around ZBC is refusing to play a video of his new album Chiwoko claiming it is too politically suggestive.

“I’m totally at a loss; I do not understand. I don’t know what they’re talking about. The video is about corruption, something that has been acknowledged at the highest echelons of government,” he said.

Brown said he will take the video to South Africa where he is hopeful that it will get television time. In the past, ZBC would give Brown extensive coverage when he was perceived to be politically correct.

According to Brown, the authorities responsible for video selection at the national broadcaster were giving him a raw deal over a video that he described as a “scorcher”.
“I think it’s just this particular song and I think it’s the authorities responsible for video selection. It may have nothing to do with the ZBC fraternity as a whole as a national broadcaster,” said Brown, whose latest album is rich, mature and lyrically provocative.

The song Chiwoko bemoans the state of corruption in Zimbabwe, calling for redemption from the social evil.

Sivukile Simango, the public relations officer for ZBC denied the claim and said Brown was not telling the truth. He said the musician’s album and video were enjoying commendable airplay on local radio and television.

“Brown is just hiding the truth and forgetting to give thanks. The airplay that his album and video are getting on both radio and television is very good,” said Simango.
Brown has been making a comeback as evidenced by the countrywide tours that he has embarked on and he has assisted many local musicians.

“When it comes to music, I’m a changed man. I get into a mode that I myself don’t understand. I call it a military mode and leave out all the funnies. Some smart musicians that have been patient with me have come out winners because they would have learned the proper way to play,” he said.

For years, Brown, who is a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and music producer, has been pushed to the fringes of the local music scene because of his apparent allegiance to Zanu PF.

With Chiwoko he was expecting to regain his revered stature in music.

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