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TN Bank blew chance for wonderful launch

Ever since the fall of Nguva Yakwana, never has the local gospel scene been graced by such a talented line-up of artists. It was a dream show for many gospel music lovers but unfortunately, it became one of the least attended shows.

TN Bank got it all wrong; they took music promotion for granted. Just like banking and furniture manufacturing, music promotion is also a specialist area which must be handled by experts in the area. There was no need to reinvent the wheel. TN Bank should have done it right the first time by engaging professional music promoters to coordinate the concert while they concentrated on packaging their products for the launch.

We have reputable promoters like: Babara Chikosi of Red Rose Entertainment; Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions; Reginald Chapfunga of Intermedia Promotions and Uncle Jeff who has managed successful gospel music shows filling venues like the HICC, Harare Gardens and the Acquatic Complex. Anyone of these could have done a far better job for TN Bank.

This is also a good lesson for concert organisers that financial resources and good artists without technical expertise will not guarantee you a good show. My heart bleeds for Tawanda Nyambirai, he gave an inspiring speech that should have changed lives of many Zimbabweans if the venue had been  filled. I also salute all the artists who gave a splendid performance in an empty auditorium.

I have a few tips for TN Bank and other corporates who might want to use musical shows to market or launch their products:

Always engage the services of a reputable music promoter. You can get recommendations from the National Arts Council or seasoned music journalists like Garikai Mazara, Godwin Muzari or Jonathan Mbiriyamveka;
Never use musicians as show consultants, they cannot even organise their own shows;
If you are promoting foreign artists they should arrive at least two days before the show;
You need at least three months to market an international show and a month to market local shows.
I also urge TN Bank to hire a music promoter for a post-launch analysis. I ask the bank to continue supporting gospel music.

Tonderai Mombo,
Ardent Gospel Music fan.

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