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First Farai launches his first album with Diamond Studios

Attended by some of the most revered artists in Sungura circles such as Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zachariah, Sulumani Chimbetu, Freddie “Kapfupi” Manjalima and Somandla Ndebele as well as gospel diva Joyce Simeti, the launch was one in its own calibre, drifting away from the usual that fans might have expected.

Filled up with fans who had come to witness the launch and patrons that probably always hang around the place for drinks, the launch was opened by a prayer from Madzibaba, making it different from other launches.

This was probably a move by Farai to justify his position and stance following his recent announcement he was now a man of God and that he had since quit drinking beer.

When Farai took to the stage, he opened the show with one of his songs that put him on the music map, Zvipo Netariro.

“Whenever I start most of my performances I always want to begin with one of my best songs that made me familiar with the fans and I want to thank my God for he keeps on pouring in more blessings,” said Farai.

This was followed by the official launch of the DVD, which was briefly screened to the audience and among the six videos, Kufambidzana Nenguva and Mufaro Wauya have arguably the most interesting and colourful videos.

Other tracks on the video album include Rega Vareve, Nguva Yareba, Pururudza and Ngoma Ipfumbire.

The launch was also graced by the Environment minister Francis Nhema, who was representing patron of Zimbabwe Union of Musician and Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Webster Shamu.

“I am very grateful to meet First Farai but I have just decided to name him Farai the First. We urge you to go all over the country to preach the gospel everywhere and in your music we urge you to sing for God so that we are kept united,” said Nhema.

This was followed by a speech from Madzibaba who gave nothing short of a church sermon. Officials from Farai’s record stable Diamond Studios said that the album was performing well and the release of the DVD was set to catapult sales.

“The CD sales before the release of the DVD were above average and we are certain that with the accompanying videos, the sales for the album will attract more demand,” said the official.

The DVD album was already on the market before it was officially launched on Wednesday. Farai said he was expecting fans to like his latest project as he had taken all the necessary steps to produce a quality product.

“We tried to better the previously set standards and the new project arguably has the potential to compete for the top spot on the local video music charts,” he said.

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