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Beauty and women!

Sometime ago I came across an article in a beauty magazine in which a man said that there were no more ugly women in the world because make-up, weaves, false eyelashes among other beauty treatments have evened out the playing field and has resulted in all women looking the same. I am not convinced that make-up, false hair, false lashes and false nails are making us more beautiful as I feel they are instead camouflaging our insecurities and at the end of the day we’re still ugly.

Plastic surgeries are on the increase so we have perfect looking women on the streets who obviously do not believe they are beautiful. Women are striving for external beauty but they are neglecting their intrinsic beauty; after all, beauty is skin deep.

I concluded that beautiful and perfect-looking women are on the increase and so are the women who feel ugly on the inside.

We would be fools to deny the effect that celebrities have on our perception of beauty. When we see them walk down the red carpet, or see them in a movie and they are what we may think is the epitome of perfection, we forget they have a team of people to make them look that way. They have personal trainers, wardrobe stylists and hair and make-up artists.

They have mastered the art of camouflaging their flaws, be it dark rings around their eyes from a late night, zits, uneven skin tone, cellulite in their thighs, or love handles even. Even when they are being photographed, they know how to stand in a position that would only show off only their best side and flaunt that which they love while hiding that which they are not so proud of.

I have some photos that will show you that even those that appear beautiful may not look so stunning when they are au natural. Some you cannot even recognise when they have no make-up on. I hope these photos will help us as women celebrate ourselves in our natural state and love ourselves with or without being made-up.

Make-up is not a bad thing at all. I wear make-up because I enjoy getting dolled up every now and then, I however am not dependent on make-up and would be perfectly happy being seen in public without any, my uneven skin tone, zits and all.

Make-up should be more of an enhancer or highlighter of the beauty you already possess, not the beauty you wish you had.

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