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SundayComment: Tomana defiles office of AG

He defended the selective application of the law by saying that there was nothing wrong with him prosecuting violent MDC supporters while letting the even more vicious Zanu PF thugs roam free.


Tomana’s careless utterances have helped explain why the police are behaving the way they are in dealing with political conflict. Police officers have become openly partisan; now it is clear this is with the blessing of no less a person than the AG himself.


Here is a man who fails to understand that his job is to act in the national interest, not to abuse his office by pursuing a narrow political agenda. He has refused to investigate recent allegations of the torturing of people in police custody simply because they belong to the MDC, which he loathes.


Such a blatant demonstration of partisanship deserves censure from the executive. But because his actions are meant to prop up President Mugabe’s disintegrating hegemony, his behaviour is seen as par for the course.


Perhaps Tomana imagines himself as the next Justice minister as happened with Patrick Chinamasa.


Tomana’s shameless conduct brings to the fore the need to have a professional lawyer, rather than a political party cadre, occupying the important office of the AG. Such an occupant would not aspire for political office and would not pander to certain political whims. He would apply the law according to the letter and spirit of the national constitution.


Tomana has demonstrated himself to be a political stooge who is unaware of the extent to which he has undermined the credibility and integrity of the AG’s office. The MDC parties are right in saying Tomana must go before the country can start reforming its criminal justice system which has been compromised by his lack of professionalism.


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