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Club Shanga back from tour of Spain

In an interview with Standard-Life&Style, Music Crossroads director, Mathias Bangure said the tour was successful and their performance was greatly embraced by the Spaniards who highly appreciated the group’s performances.

“They did a lot of workshops in schools and concerts around Spain. The most interesting part of the tour was the response we got from our audience,” said Bangure.

“They are an amazing audience and have respect for black culture and music and the interaction is definitely one of the aspects we benefited from.”

He added that the group managed to secure rare opportunities that come attached to international tours, collaborating with various Spanish artists.

“The group collaborated with artists from Spain and did a number of songs which will definitely feature on their second album after the release of their long-awaited debut compilation titled The Fullness of Time.”

The Fullness of Time is an eight-track album slated for release this month and consists of tracks Mukondombera, Mukaushande, Ndinaye, Musango, Mwoyo Wangu, Makwikwi, Simuka and Kusaziva.

The group is currently composed of six members namely Georgina Mutenda, Musa Maruwa, Perseverance Mataranyika, Vongai Mukonde, Trust Mutombo and Mixon Sauchi.

Club Shanga will never be forgotten by fans who witnessed their sterling performance and offering at the recent Harare International Festival of Arts at the Coca Cola Green Stage.

Since its inception in 1996 Music Crossroads has grown to become the largest and most popular youth cultural initiative in sub-Saharan Africa offering unique opportunities for young people aged between 15 and 25 from marginalised backgrounds.

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