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SundayView: Timba arrest, another sinister Zanu PF plot


Timba, who is also the MDC-T secretary for International Affairs, was picked up around 4:30pm on Friday as he walked out of his office at Charter House. Circumstances of his arrest remained unclear up to late yesterday afternoon with Timba’s lawyers frantically trying to locate him.


Among other things, they filed an urgent High Court application to compel the police to disclose his whereabouts.


The minister’s arrest came a few days after Jonathan Moyo, a Zanu PF apologist, called for Timba and Tsvangirai’s arrest for allegedly undermining the authority of the President.


After Mugabe and his protégés tried to mislead the public over the outcome of the Sadc extraordinary summit held in Midrand, Timba felt compelled to set the record straight in an article carried by Sunday papers last week.


Moyo claimed he committed a crime —undermining the authority of the President. But that spurious charge levelled against Timba exposes the grand scheme to annihilate the MDC through a systematic campaign of prosecution in the courts.


There is no doubt that Moyo and his ilk are angling for the PM himself, whom they see as the greatest obstacle in their quest to prop up Mugabe’s shaky rule.

It’s a sinister campaign by a clique that is well aware that Mugabe, who has pursued disastrous policies in the past, cannot win any free and fair election.


In light of these developments, Timba’s arrest should be condemned in the strongest terms. By merely expressing his opinions, Timba does not deserve to be kidnapped, as his lawyer Selby Hwacha suggested on Friday, and thrown into a freezing lice-infested cell.

One day someone will have to be answerable for these blatant human rights violations.

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