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Choruwa snubbed DeMbare sangoma

That day, his club Dynamos was at Mucheke and as the match wore on, Masvingo United defender Godfrey Dondo lunged on the pencil slim player injuring his knee.

Though Dynamos won that tie 1-0 owing to a Norman Maroto strike, Choruwa came the worst out of that tie as he has failed to recover from that injury up to today.

Nearly nine years have passed and Choruwa, now 28, paints a tormented soul as he reflects on what his career could have been, had he not been injured that day.

Though portraying a relaxed mood at his family residence in Glen View 3, a barefoot Choruwa, clad in a fading track bottom and a Manchester United jersey on top of a  blue jacket, was quick to fire below the belt punches at Dynamos’ deep rooted belief in superstition.

“I feel fit to play soccer again, but I will never go back to Dynamos because of the way they treated me,” he said.

“I could have recovered a long time ago had it not been for the team’s strong belief in superstition. They put so much more trust in n’angas (traditional healers) than medical doctors,” he said.

“After I got injured, Dr Bowers (a top Harare surgeon) told me that I needed Z$300 and I then went on to present the case to the Dynamos executive. They however told me that I should go to the team’s doctor who was based in Chinhoyi.

“At first I thought that it was a medical doctor, but I later realised that it was in fact a n’anga.  I refused and bluntly told them that I would not consult a n’anga unless they knew the cause of my injury.”

Choruwa added that the team even harassed those who were trying to help him. In the end it was his family who assisted him in the time of need.
When Charles Mhlauri invited him to join CAPS United, Choruwa says Dynamos blocked him claiming that he was their player.

“That is why I even left the club when they offered me a coaching job with the juniors in 2009.”

Choruwa, who is still facing the trauma of the death of his father, Samson, last year, said he will never rejoin Dynamos again and claims to have formed a club.

“I, together with my friend, Tendai Machisa, have formed a team called Shining Stars FC that plays in Highfield Area Zone Division 2A.

“I am a player coach though I want to concentrate more on playing as I feel that I still have something to offer.

“I am not 100% fit, but will become better in a few months time. I am prepared to play for any team that is not Dynamos,” he said.

Even if he were to change his mind, Choruwa says he would still face a dilemma at DeMbare.

“Who will I play with?

“The team is now full of players who are just happy to play for Dynamos and do not care, even if the team loses.

“People should know that even if Dynamos played in the streets, fans expect a win and there is no one in the current team with that heart. I feel sorry for coach Lloyd Mutasa.”

Choruwa, who has black lips that easily give away his character as a smoker, added that he will now concentrate on building his club.

“We are currently looking for sponsorship, as we are sponsoring ourselves through Shining Stars supermarket which is based at Kuwadzana 2 Shopping Centre. We have four different kits and that is better than most Premiership teams that have only one pair,” said Choruwa.

On the “Kidznet” project that was started by Moses Chunga, Choruwa’s eyes glitter with excitement. But that project is now just part of his footballing history.

Simon Sachiti, the then Dynamos organising secretary when Choruwa was injured responded; “Simon Choruwa? Where is he? There we lost a good player. Is he still injured.”

On juju allegations he said; “I do not know anything about any n’anga as we were actually encouraging him to go to a medical doctor.”

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