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Gospel artist goes green

Gomo collaborated with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management and other local artists to produce the album titled Very fragile: Please handle with care our environment.


The album touches on various environmental issues, but mainly focuses on activities which contribute to climate change and what people can do to lessen its impact.

Lead track Zimbabwe Taparadza Tega (Deforestation) has a typical worship rhythm.

The song highlights the side effects of deforestation, among them negative effects on tourism and depletion of trees, which are sources of medicine.

Gomo said Environment and Resource Management minister Francis Nhema gave him the concept for the song Mwanasikana in which he sings about a girl who understands the importance of trees and rejects a man who proposes marriage.

But she gives in when the suitor gives her a small plant and asks her to grow it and remember him as he has given up.

She accepts him saying the tree would give them oxygen, furniture, roofing material and medicine among others.

“I remain a gospel musician but looking at another angle of God’s word,” Gomo said.

“In Genesis 2 V 15, God gives man the power and mandate to look after the Garden of Eden and that is the environment.

“But we have reneged on our duties and we are destroying instead of protecting the environment.”

Gomo has also done animation videos of the song Tagarwa Dare which features animals, the soil, the sky, the atmosphere, water and trees carrying placards and protesting against human beings’ abuse.

Gomo started recording in 2003 with the album Nyasha Dzichatisvitsa, followed by Pakutanga Mwari in 2004, Ndirege Ndiende of the fame Mudziyo Wemagetsi Kumusha in 2005 and Amen Topona in 2009.

He is currently working on a nine-track album with three environmental songs.

Oliver Mtukudzi, Albert Nyathi and some artists from Zambia and Mozambique will feature on the album he is currently working on.

He is also working with Cosmas Chingombe and other environmental artists from Hwange on his environmental songs.

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