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Stephen Muzhingi’s new toy in town

The champion invited us for a spin in his new car – VW Polo in Chitungwiza on Friday afternoon.

You won’t have to guess who the owner of the vehicle is since the new automobile is inscribed on both sides “Stephen Muzhingi, 3x Comrades Marathon Winner, driven by Barons, Winners love winners”.

Muzhingi said he was excited to have managed to bring new car back home.

“I brought this car home a week ago. This time around things were not tough like the last time I tried to bring my truck. I was asked to pay R500 as third part insurance.

“The car has 30 days stay in Zimbabwe and we are supposed to go and renew the permit for it to have more days in the country,” Muzhingi said.

The sponsors, Barloworld Motor Retail are based in South Africa and the selling price of the vehicle is R185 000.

Muzhingi signed a lucrative car deal with the company in May this year after winning the marathon for the third time in a row. He will get a vehicle from VW each time they have a new car on the market.

But Muzhingi is still to  be honoured by the state as he was promised three days after winning the event three times.

“I am still looking forward to that day,” Muzhingi said

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