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Tree Top tranquil but got room to improve

We chose an outside trestle table which had to be moved slightly to get under some shade. The kids raced off to the playground area to play on the swings and jungle gyms to give mum and dad a little peace and quiet for a few minutes.

We were greeted by the waiter, whose uniform was somewhat tired, and didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the staff’s attire. In fact he had a Millers Café T-shirt under his threadbare cotton shirt!  We were given menus, and we ordered drinks — a few soft drinks and beers, and asked for the wine list. Our kids came bounding up to us announcing they were hungry, so we decided to order their lunches straight away. We decided they could share a couple of chicken schnitzels and crumbed mushrooms. Off the kids went to continue their swinging and climbing, while their meals were being prepared.

The adults then ordered their meals, being mushrooms, haloumi cheese, crumbed mushrooms, and chicken livers to start, and mains were fillet steak, eisbein, and chicken pie with sweet corn.  The starters arrived quite promptly, and were so delicious that we all shared so that we could sample each one — well done Tree Top! However, it must be said that the starter portions are very small and somewhat expensive for their size.  After not too long a wait, the main courses arrived. The fillet steak was good, but the eisbein was a little disappointing, being smaller than expected, and not the tastiest we’d tried. The chicken pie was a very hearty meal, and most tasty. All the meals were served with chips and a fresh salad.

Following our main courses, we ordered ice-cream for the kids, and a couple of apple crumbles, again to share.  The desserts arrived and the kids tucked in happily again, but the apple crumble could have been tastier — and was more reminiscent of those bought in the supermarkets.

Following a long and generally enjoyable lunch, albeit with rather disappointing service, we had promised the kids a game of putt putt. Tree Top offers some great outdoor activities for both kids and adults, being putt putt, Zorg balls, and a recently developed mountain biking trail.

Tree Top is certainly a tranquil, relaxing restaurant, catering for all, with generally, good food, and plenty to amuse the children. However, there is room for much improvement in the service, where we observed a rather “care  less” attitude. 

Family Restaurant
2 Plates
Expect to spend US$15 – US$20 per head
Rumbavu Park, Enterprise Road, just past
Gletwyn Road turnoff on the right.

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